field marketing


By working with a field-based marketing asset, it becomes possible to capture photos and video content at trade shows, road shows, and other corporate events. It’s also a great way to conduct face-to-face interviews with corporate executives, subject matter experts, partners, and customers.

Are there advantages to having a marketing person based in the field and working remotely, rather than sitting in corporate headquarters? Absolutely. More and more companies are discovering the advantages of taking both a headquarters-centric and field-based approach to Marketing:

Flexible, ongoing coverage of Corporate Developments – First off, having someone based in the field gives you tremendous flexibility. They can visit your company’s booth at various trade shows….drop in on seminars and road shows…attend partner meetings…and conduct customer interviews on the road.

Steady Stream of Content – All your field-based marketer needs to be armed with is a smart phone or tablet and suddenly they are feeding you a steady stream of high definition video content for your website, social media, and PR program.

Relationship Building – You may not have the time to attend every partner meeting, sit down with every customer that wants to chat, or even spend time with as many subject matter experts as you’d like. But your field-based marketing person can. They will not only capture some great interviews that you can be splicing into social media video clips or turning into magazine articles for months to come, but also giving your company valuable face-time with these key people.

There has never been a better time for corporations to share video content with the public. Smartphones and tablets are now capable of shooting HD-quality and even 4k quality video. So when you have the right subject matter experts in town, consider shooting video - such as was done here to promote the latest version of product.

Immediacy – Imagine that a last minute opportunity presents itself. You learn that a particular editor or analyst is going to visit your company’s booth at a major exhibition. You can’t possibly get there in time. But you can deploy your field-based marketing person because they are physically closer.

Roving Reporter – Maybe you’re not even sure what you’re looking for. That’s where the “roving reporter” aspect of a field-based marketing asset can pay a huge dividend. Just cut them loose and see what they come up with by visiting a trade show, a road show event, a partner meeting, or a customer visit. They might just come up with some pure gold to fuel your marketing and communications efforts.

Omnipresence – A field marketing asset can significantly expand your company’s reach and change the perception of key audiences. Video interviews, over time, will create a much strong connection between your company and its many customers. Ditto with your company’s partners. Creating some closeness with these communities is a very good thing.

Putting a Spotlight on Marketing Activities – Your company probably invests a significant amount of money and resources into various marketing activities. So make sure that you get the biggest bang for the buck. The interviews, photos, and videos filed by your field-based marketing rep can ensuring that each marketing event lives on for weeks or months, not just the two or three days that it took place in real time. Similarly, you now had a wealth of content to share internally so that everyone from engineering to executive row can get a sense of how much traffic and excitement was generated at each event.

Sometimes key discussions take place rather spontaneously without a lot of time for setup and preparation. Nevertheless, today’s HD-capable smartphones and tablets are able to capture decent video on the fly.

Providing Regional/Cultural Context for EMEA and APAC Businesses – Foreign-based companies, in particular, by having marketers based in the field as they enter a new market or geography. Assuming that person lives in that geography, they are experts on the language, culture, media, and business landscape. By tapping into that local expertise, companies can ensure that their programs and materials are on target and making a powerful and lasting first impression.

The bottom line: Consider a field-based marketing person as being “CompanyTV.” You might be surprised at how much interest this field reporting can generate for your business – particularly as you move into a new market or geography.

Jim Panagas is heavily experienced in this area. In his last corporate role, he worked for a European software company and served as the only field-based marketing person for North America.