interim marketing vp

Imagine finding yourself in this difficult position:

You’re running a software or technology business and things are finally starting to go your way. Editors are mentioning your company in articles. Analysts are starting to pay attention. You have a major website redesign in progress and you can just about see the finish line. And everyone is looking forward to the company’s major trade show of the year, which is coming up in 90 days. Then suddenly your world changes. Your VP of Marketing notifies you that they have to take a leave of absence for 3-6 months. Perhaps it’s for a pregnancy. To take care of elderly parents. Or maybe there’s some other life challenge that needs their attention.

You didn’t see this coming, and you’re not entirely sure what do do. Your Marketing VP is a key member of the executive team. You rely on his or her counsel. And you can’t imagine not having them around for the next several months.

The first option that many companies consider is encouraging everyone to pick up the slack while the Marketing VP is away. That’s not terribly realistic. The VP has a special set of skills developed over a 15 or 20 year period. The gap in experience between the VP and the next most senior marketing person on board could be substantial. The best course of action may be to bring an interim Marketing Vice President on board. While they may not have the inside knowledge of your particular market or industry, they typically do have deep domain expertise in marketing and communications including:

  • Agency Management

  • Analyst Relations

  • Branding

  • Copywriting & Presentations

  • Corporate Events

  • Demand Generation

  • Partner Marketing

  • Public Relations

  • Social Media

  • Video Content

  • Virtual Events

Why hiring an Interim Marketing VP is the smart decision
Jim Panagas, the founder of this consultancy, is available for these types of interim situations. Jim has worked alongside business and technology visionaries for his entire career, in industries ranging from CAD/CAM, engineering, and manufacturing to outsourced business services and Content Management Solutions (CMS). He has worked on both the agency and corporate side of the house, is a quick study, and should be able to become conversant in your company’s technology and markets in a matter of weeks. He comes highly recommended and, for a modest investment, Jim could be on location at your company in as little as one week. Although based in Boston, he’s available to work for extended periods of time in other parts of the country – and he brings his own computing desktop.

Sounds Good. So, how do you have a preliminary conversation about moving forward?
Call Jim in Boston at 781-462-8461. Email him at Or, if it’s after hours or on a weekend, fill out the contact form and Jim will get back to you the next business day.

Having had the opportunity to work with Jim Panagas for quite a few years, I witnessed first-hand the high level of energy he injects into marketing initiatives, and how he drives them to flawless execution. He is a thinker who cares deeply about internal and external clients, and goes to great lengths to accomplish business objectives. His pleasant demeanor and gregarious personality make him a pleasure to work with. I recommend him unreservedly.
— CAMILO MARTINEZ, Global Indirect Taxes | Thomson Reuters
Jim Panagas transformed the marketing organization into a world-class, highly successful team. His efforts very quickly raised our profile and media attention. Jim’s ability to translate technical issues into concise, understandable and effective communications was a major component of Taxware’s growth and success...I strongly recommend him to lead the marketing function of any organization.
— JON ABOLINS, Sr. Tax Director | Avalara
Jim Panagas has a way of bringing people together and making things happen...He is one of those individuals who leads by example and is capable of inspiring and motivating those around him.
— CHRIS BLAKE, Senior Director | MSR Communications