Building a consistent brand that permeates all of a company’s marketing materials – from the corporate website through trade show and exhibit properties through all of the company’s collateral materials and digital assets – is a huge undertaking. It’s more than making sure that everyone is using the right logo. It’s about developing a style that accentuates the logo and that begins to build a true image for the company.

Branding is about many things including:

  • Image that the company desires to convey

  • Emotional response that the company would like to evoke

  • Lasting Impact i.e. how memorable is the brand?

  • Headlines, captions, and callouts

  • Photos and imagery

  • Logos

  • Fonts and typography

  • Color palette

  • Balance of white space versus the amount of artwork and copy

  • Corporate standards and guidelines

Whether you are a startup, an emerging business, or a more established company that has simply gone in too many different directions, Jim Panagas can help. He has managed the branding effort for dozens of software and technology companies across North America.

I found Jim Panagas after screening literally hundreds of applicants – I needed someone who could transform the Marketing function, everything from the website, to webinars, print advertising, trade shows, etc. All of the effort was worth it – Jim did an outstanding job and I would recommend him in a heartbeat.
— JAYME FISHMAN , President | Ryan Software