social media

Most companies recognize the need to make social media an integral part of their marketing efforts.

LinkedIn and Twitter especially serve as B2B news outlets – outlets that need to be fed a steady diet of images that stand out, headlines that stop people on the page and make them think, and body copy that is short yet carefully constructed and that makes people want to click through and learn more.

Here are a few things to think about when building your company’s social media strategy:

  • Assign your best writers and marketers to participate in your company’s social media outreach. Using junior people or secondary assets alone is not going to get you the results that you seek.

  • Include a photo or graphic with every single message. That dramatically increases the chances that readers will notice and linger on your message.

  • Offer more than just a headline. Redirect the visitor to a web page, video, customer success story, or presentation where they can obtain more information.

  • Embed video. Maybe it’s one of your executives speaking from the trade show floor. An interview with a customer. Or perhaps a conversation with one of your company’s business partners.

  • Use social media to drive event registration. Have a seminar, meeting, or webcast coming up in the near future? Social media is one of the best ways to fill those seats.

  • Showcase your company’s trade show efforts. Make sure you are getting the biggest bang for the buck by showcasing your company’s exhibit at various trade shows. Shoot some video from the show floor. Conduct interviews. Give readers a sense of being there.

  • Conduct a survey. Have a short poll or survey that you’d like to conduct? A great way to get that message out is social media. Embed the survey link right in your message.

  • Don’t forget about your business partners. Social media messaging is a great way to give your business partners some well deserved visibility. They often have some fantastic insights into your business and the marketplace in general. Interview them at every opportunity and you'll have a wealth of material to draw upon for months to come.

  • Go global! Social media is a great way to let people know what your company is up to in other parts of the world. So be sure to offer video from your EU and APAC operations from time to time.

  • Focus on quality of content – not quantity. And finally, think about engaging your audience, making them think, and motivating them to take an action. If you consistently provide your audience with quality content, they will come back for more.


Pictured above is a sampling of the social media work that Jim Panagas did for Kentico Software from 2015-2018 as he worked to raise the visibility of this European CMS vendor in North America.

I would highly recommend Jim Panagas to any organization that is looking for a leader to help garner maximum publicity for their brand.
— KAROL JARKOVSKY | Contentful Software