video content

Is your company pushing video content into the marketplace on a regular basis? It should be, because people – including your prospective customers – are consuming more and more video with each passing year.

The hard part is to produce video that is interesting, that adds value, and that contributes to the discourse that’s taking place in just about every industry. So how does a company go about this?

  • Hire a field based marketing asset, a roving reporter who can quickly become embedded among your marketing staff, subject matter experts, business partners, and customers.

  • Engage someone who can travel to your company’s trade shows, conferences, and events at a moment’s notice and capture video interviews as needed. Since this person is a freelancer or consultant, they have the option to drop everything, get on a plane, and be on the ground at your company event in as little as 24-48 hours.

  • Work with a professional who can build you a repository of video footage that can be used for months, even years to come. Since they have done this for other companies, they are able to travel light, work very efficiently, and have the editing skills to produce finished video content quickly.

  • You’re basically looking to hire a “roving reporter” who can conduct interviews and edit the raw footage into high visibility video shorts that can be shared through social media channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter. The longer they work with your company, the more they will be able to ensure that these sound bites and video snippets speak directly to the business issues that your company wants to address.

The professional described above is Jim Panagas. Jim can quickly become immersed in your business culture, join you on site at business events, conduct interviews, and create short video pieces that will help people in the marketplace to take notice of your company and its offerings. Open a dialogue with Jim right now by visiting the contact page.

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I’ve known Jim Panagas for many years and have worked with him as a freelance writer, director, and producer on marketing communications projects...He is a consummate professional and the embodiment of collegiality. All large and important projects have their moments of crisis. Jim has the ability to remain calm, clearheaded, and encouraging through difficult times and ultimately bring out his team’s best work.
— DAVE GIOIA, Author & Novelist